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Maxwell Jenkins Digital Spring Coverstory 2024

Maxwell Jenkins Digital Spring Coverstory 2024

What was working with Nicolas Cage like?

I learned so much working with Nick. He comes to set incredibly prepared with so many ideas. He is always working to make the scene better is so collaborative. As I mentioned, he has a ton of ideas, but he also wants to hear input from his scene partners. I knew he was a great actor, but I was blown away by his commitment and generosity. Working with him demands of you to bring your best everyday. He’s a living legend, and that status is completely deserved. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work and learn from him.

Tell us a favorite moment from shooting Arcadian?

There were so many favorite moments, working in such an incredibly beautiful place like Ireland with the most amazing crew was certainly a highlight. I have always really admired Jaeden’s choices and developing such a close friendship with him was incredible. Truly. On screen, I think my favorite moment was the dinner scene. When we rehearsed, Nic shared a very personal story from his childhood, which we managed to incorporate into the scene. I remember filming in the farmhouse, and sitting around the table with Nic, Jaeden and Ben Brewer (our director) who was encouraging us to share ideas for how the scene should be played. In that moment, I thought “It doesn’t get better than this… how did I ever get so lucky!”

Zadig&Voltaire – pullover, G-Star Raw – jeans, Attachments – bag

What is your favorite horror/thriller film? Why?

It’s hard to pick just one. I would have to say “The Blair Witch Project” has to be up there. I love the found footage elements. It leaves so much up to the imagination which is way scarier than films where you watch everything play out on screen. I also love Jordan Peele’s films- especially “Get Out,” they have a unique focus on such a psychological level that I find myself thinking about them long after I watch them, and somehow just the thought of them continues make me feel uneasy.

Arcadian is an apocalyptic film – it is about the end of humanity and how these two young adults just wanted to live ’normal’ lives again. If you were living through an apocalypse, how would you hold in to your own humanity and sense of normalcy?

For me, my family has always been a very grounding influence. We are very close. If I were living through an apocalypse, I would definitely lean on them. During the pandemic, my sister and I made music together, created themed movie nights, and tried our best to give back to others that were not as fortunate as we were. I would likely follow that template again if it was possible. I also think that I would lean on my rescued pit bulls. I have three of them and whenever things get rough, spending time with them puts it all into perspective.

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Tell us a little bit about your next film, This Too Shall Pass.

“This Too Shall Pass” is a coming of age picture based in the 80s. It’s about a Mormon kid I play named Simon and his group of friends who take a road trip to Ottawa for one last hurrah before Simon’s dad makes him devote all his free time to the church. It’s has  very John Hughes feel which is what drew me to it originally; it’s based on a true story. It was a great cast, and I really loved working with Rob Grant who wrote and directed it.

We read that you were cast in The Bondsman opposite Kevin Bacon, how was he to work with? Did he do the Footloose dance for you?

I am super stoked to be working on “The Bondsman.” I love the work that Blumhouse does so I was really drawn to the project as an opportunity to work with them; and Kevin Bacon is a legend so of course that was a huge draw for me! I guess I’m one degree from him now, which I am sure is checking a bucket list item for me! I haven’t begun filming yet, so no footloose dance yet, but we have already talked about playing music together. He’s an incredible musician and I also play, so we’ve talked about jamming on set which I cannot wait for. I have already had some rehearsals and pre-production, and Kevin is incredible, as is the entire cast.

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You are in a band, what is it called and what type of music do you play?

My roommates at UCLA and I started a band basically the first day we met. We are called “The 529s” (after our dorm room number.) Music has always been the way I get comfortable in a new situation; it’s also how I relieve any anxiety. On move in day, we all had this huge jam session and discovered that we liked a lot of the same type of music so that’s when “The 529s” was born. We’ve expanded to include more instruments, most recently a saxophone which adds so much depth. We are getting ready to record our first original song. I’d say our music is folk rock but we like to make it funky too.

C.I.R. – shirt and hat, Crystole – necklace, COPA – sunglasses both via

How would you describe your personal style?

I would say it changes a lot. I think originally when I started paying attention to clothes, my sister, who has an unbelievable thrifting eye, would find cool pieces and I would blend those with classic items. Lately, I’ve really been loving what John Varvatos is doing, it’s timeless and has an elegant but not over the top classically masculine look.  I also love Celine. It fits like it was made for me and their color schemes always feel classic and timeless. My everyday wardrobe would probably default to a pair of Levi’s, blundstones, and a worn in flannel.


Milarri – blazer, Man by Manikan – shirt, G-Star Raw – jeans, Rick Owens – sunglasses

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Your family runs a circus…tell us a few fun facts about growing up in such a unique environment.

I grew up in my family’s circus, Midnight Circus. I started performing at 3 years old by doing a partner acrobatics act with my dad. By 7 years old, I had developed my own solo act called Rola Bola. Growing up in a circus was really hard work, but rewarding. I was always surrounded by incredible acrobats from all over the world speaking a myriad of languages and defying gravity on a regular basis. I would walk home from school with my friends and we would literally see people flying above the fence line in my backyard! What I have loved about growing up that way is the exposure I got to many different cultures, which gave me great work ethic and discipline. Our group has a very strong social mission to bring communities together around the arts. We take our show to underserved neighborhoods and a portion of the ticket proceeds go right back into the communities that we play. To date, we’ve raised close to 2 million dollars for the parks the circus plays. It’s a really pure and good thing and I am proud to be a part of it.

C.I.R. – shirt and hat, Zadig&Voltaire – jacket, Crystole – Necklace via

What’s next up for Maxwell Jenkins?

I leave next week to begin filming “The Bondsman” with Kevin Bacon and will continue to attend UCLA. Beyond that, I have another film that I am set to begin filming in August, but am not able to discuss those details quite yet. I’m in the 3rd quarter of my Freshman year as a Global Studies major. It’s important to me to have a balanced education while navigating my acting journey

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